Monday, April 06, 2009

So what's the story today?

Shorter wanks: "In the case of Robert Dziekanski, how dare you question or impugn the motives of our brave RCMP, who are out there, rain or shine, nobly defending we citizens!"

Shorter wanks: "Of course Brian Knight needed to run down and shoot the perp. What was he supposed to do? Wait for the Mounties to show up? Bunch of donut-eating, lazy douchebags, those Mounties. Can't count on them for anything."

Pick one.

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Mark Francis said...

I love this proposed defense. Simply shoot anyone you want, stick a family heirloom on them, and claim you were defending your property.

Here's the problem:

Objective: Get your property back.
Solution: Risk the public, get the property back, and shoot the perp while he's running way.

Cops can't behave that way, but it's to be okay for untrained civilians to do it?

As I mentioned in a previous thread here, there is some precedent for a civilian to use more force than explicitly allowed in the Criminal Code, but it's based upon living in very remote locations, poor police response, and a repeat victim responding to crime which the police have not been able to stop.