Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Sure, that makes perfect sense.

Shorter Stephen Harper: "As someone who has argued that we need to confront the current financial crisis without distraction and without delay, and that we need to tighten our belts and be as fiscally prudent as possible, I would now like to take us all into another expensive, disruptive federal election."

By way of response, every member of the Blogging Tories blogroll completely abandoned their previously-held principles and agreed that this was a terrific idea.


Stimpson said...

Check out the G&M's website for a great story on how, back in 2000, an emissary for Stockboy Day talked with the separatists about forming a coalition.

Stimpson said...

Oh, I see Chet pointed out the article in the preceding thread.

Never mind.

Southern Quebec said...

So, in order to save $30 million of Canadian tax payers money ($1.95/vote) we will spend $300 million on another election? Conservative can count on it!

Back in Black said...
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Adam C said...

I'm very pleased with the whole "Parizeau supports the coalition so you know it's a bad idea" talking point.

Do we really need to make a list of the neo-Nazis and assorted bigots who support the Cons?

Anonymous said...

300 million is cheaper then the 30 billion the three stooges are proposing.

Spending your way out of a recession makes as much sense as fucking for virginity. Both are fun, neither addresses the issues at hand.

roblaw said...

How bad is it? Here's a CONSERVATIVE'S TAKE on today's events.

So.. what's the point of sticking around? The Coalition is going rape us in Alberta, history shows quite clearly, we'll get nothing back.. the "stimulous" plan is clealry aimed at Quebec and Southern Ontario.. what, exactly is the attraction anymore for a completely pissed off Albertan?

Stimpson said...

Fuck, roblaw, you Albertans are a self-centred bunch, aren't ya? You couldn't talk about right and wrong, it's all "how does this help us".
(I'm a former Alberta resident, BTW.)

Cameron Campbell said...

Oil will go up and down, regardless of how much money the feds pour into Alberta.

Manufacturing (located mostly in the most populous areas of the country - areas outside of Alberta) can directly be assisted by a stimulus plan.

liberal supporter said...

Instead of "bailing out" the car companies, why don't they just BUY them? GM's current market cap is $3 Billion, a lot less than the $35 Billion they want. You don't even need to buy all the shares, just enough to take control.

The CPC can't do it, because they are too ideological. They forget that the commies always expropriate businesses with little compensation. This is simply buying low. Then they don't need guarantees, they just send in a new CEO.

After saving Obama $35 billion on the bailout, he'd be our best buddy. At least until our GM CEO issues the order to build the Volt in Oshawa. With Ontario and Quebec's hydro, the plug in electric cars are a natural here. Out on the prairies they should consider wind farms to charge the cars. Takes about 6 hours on a 240 volt circuit, so try to get renewable energy. The intermittent wind is a perfect fit to charge cars sitting all day or night in driveways or office parking lots.

KEvron said...

"what, exactly is the attraction anymore for a completely pissed off Albertan?"

there's always the joy in leveling the seperatist charge at bloqheads....


thwap said...

Alpha Male,

No thanks for your display of absolute economic ignorance.

It's actually highly possible to spend oneself out of a recession.

At the very least, it mitigates a recession.

Flaherty must get advice for his idiotic economic policies from you I guess: "When the economy turns sour, the BEST thing to do is go with it, and throw thousands of more people out of work. Create MORE uncertainty, MORE unemployment, LESS economic activity."

We learned the hard way that such thinking was counterproductive in the 1930s.

Anyone who still clings to that drivel has problems, and shouldn't be listened to.

roblaw said...

.."money the feds pour into Alberta?" Are you serious? Alberta will never, under any serious analysis of history, receive anything close to the funding and employment initiated by the Federal Government in Ontario and Quebec.

If someone can show me otherwise, I'll reconsider this suggestion - I'm quite sure you can't.

roblaw said...
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roblaw said...

Oh, and Stimpson, you illiterate piece of shit, (writer?) if you point your little pointy mousie thing over the light blue words.. they open a thing called a 'link' and you will see me talking about "right and wrong", about how the Conservatives had better give some explanation over their duplicity on the "bloq coalition" issue.

Uhm.. and when we, as a Province, continue pouring money by the bucket into Quebec.. and THEY elect a party of separatists to represent their province in Ottawa.. and you talk about ALBERTA being self-centred.. you truly are a deluded moron.

..who feeds and dresses you in the morning?