Thursday, December 06, 2007

Yes, I AM the Clenis!

I'm sure LuLu's going to roll her eyes over this one:

Patrick Ross said...

So, Marty...

Where was your indignation when your best buddy attacked Wanda Wakins [sic]?

Oh, that's right. It didn't exist. You defended that.

And while I hardly share Brian's opinion regarding Morriseau's [sic] art, I do, like him, have the following question: how is his passing front page news?

I should just put up a sign: "Canadian wanker bigots and boneheads -- ring bell."


Red Tory said...

cross-post from CBL

Gee Patty, I don’t know. Maybe any “indignation” about Cynic’s infamous remarks vis-à-vis the now beatified Wanda Watkins I might have had is buried somewhere along with your feeling that raging homophobe Craig Chandler’s “head shakingly stupid” remarks about telling immigrants to Alberta that they should vote Conservative or shove off were “intemperate” as you so politely put it and… oh how else did you describe them? Ah yes, “an indiscretion.”

I realize there’s most likely an extensive bodily queue involved Patty, but you can blow that sanctimonious crapola out your poopshute, mmmm’kay.

Ti-Guy said...

I really don't find anything at all interesting about that wanker troika of Patsy Ross, Wiener Prattles and "Dick" Evans anymore. It's just always the same thing; recycling the same tired feud over and over again, months or years after everyone stopped caring. If it weren't for varying degrees of literacy ('Dick' being the outlier here), it would be hard to distinguish among those three idiots.

We really should have a contest to determine who's the most insane. I vote for Patsy, since he's the smartest and thus, his insanity is more entrenched. Prattles comes in second with garden-variety delusion and 'Dick'...well, he's just a an illiterate drunk.

LuLu said...

I win!!!!! What do I win?

Seriously, it would save them a whole lot of time and, more importantly, wear and tear on their tiny little brains if they just said "Wanda Watkins, Wanda Watkins, Wanda Watkins, Wanda Watkins, Wanda Watkins ..." as their standard rebuttal.

Sweet Dancing Jesus ... Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

E in MD said...

By LuLu, at 10:22 AM

They are rather repetitive aren't they.

Bu bu bu but Bill Clinton!

Bu bu bu but Liberals!

Bu bu bu but We're fighting them there so we don't have to fight them here!

now they have a new one: Bu bu bu but Wanda Watkins.