Saturday, December 15, 2007

Third time's a charm, right, Mike?

Pity poor Blogging Tory Mike McGuire. First he was a staunch supporter of GOP presidential candidate Fred Thompson, before Thompson slowly morphed into Uncle Joe before our very eyes.

These days, we can find Mike all misty-eyed over one Mike Huckabee who, sadly, is finding that his "aw shucks" down home, cornpone act is starting to get a little old, even with the neo-con crowd.

One wonders just how much further down the barrel Mike is willing to reach. But however that works out for Mike, I'm guessing it isn't going to be pretty.


The Seer said...

Like George W. Bush ever spoke in a complete sentence either time he ran for president. Wingnuts tolerate stupid. This is something else.

Ti-Guy said...

Whatever it, I'm having a hard time understanding how it can fascinate some cretin living in Pictou, Nova Scotia.

Unless it's just the satisfaction of driving moonbats crazy, as McGuire likes to think.

KEvron said...

voters like mike (and they exist on both sides) worry me. it's as though they support whoever they think is likely to win so they can have bragging rights afterwards.


The Seer said...

On reflection, the "tell" is Huck's failure to raise money.

Money, in Gopcircles, comes from the top one percent. With Dear Leader, tax cuts follow the money.

The top one percent of Americans, the absolute cream of America's crop, trust DL, even if Jesus does talk to him. DL also lets Cheney talk to him. DL's as deep into oil as any of the one percenters. As far as Jesus is concerned, DL hears what he wants to hear.

It does not seem to be clear to the one percenters that Huck listens to anyone but Jesus. And while we're all sure Huck believes in the all-American ass-kicking Jesus of Revelations, Huck seems unduly fixated on the Gospels.

Can you say "runaway locomotive?"