Saturday, February 03, 2007

Dear SUZANNE: We get the message already. Really.

And while we're on the subject, one wonders what the point was of Canadian fetus fetishist SUZANNE to have started the new SoCon Blogs aggregator in the first place.

A quick glance shows that one of the hot topics there is, of course, the so-called "culture of life" and abortion. OK, fair enough -- everyone has a right to their soapbox, although one wonders why SUZANNE needs yet another forum for her incessant, anti-choice whining given that she already has her thoroughly annoying Big Blue Wave blog.

And, amazingly, it doesn't end there, as a quick check of SUZANNE's profile takes you to her blog of self-described "prose and poetry" entitled (creepily enough) "The Uterus", with such delightful selections as "To My Dead Fetus." (No, I'm not going to link -- if you really want to read it, you'll have to work for it. Pervert.)

Memo to SUZANNE: We get it. Honestly, we get it. You're anti-choice. You hate abortion, and you're scarily obsessed with fetuses. Yeah, we understand. Loud and clear.

I mean, seriously, this is the main reason that even open-minded folks start edging towards the exits when nagging harpies like SUZANNE show up. Their repertoire consists of a single note, and they just never shut the fuck up about it. Fine, so you're put off by abortion, but how many ways using how many posts on how many different blogs do you need to say the same thing over and over and boringly, monotonously, agonizingly over?

We get it. Really. Any possible misunderstandings were dispelled sometime during your first 500 anti-choice posts, SUZANNE. Now you're just being tedious.


Crabgrass said...

That's a good point, CC.

I'm going to start a blog about my favourite number, which is 2. It totally beats all the others, especially the odd ones.

Once I come up with a name for it, I'll get started.

deBeauxOs said...

As a pro-choice mother of a 30 year old daughter, I feel that I have a perspective that might help to balance She-Who-Must-Capitalize's very narrow and idiosynchratic view of pregnancy and motherhood.

But one cannot debate with someone who is a religions fundamentalist because in their mind, they are right, their religious dogma is the truth, and everyone else is wrong. Thus every other woman's perspective is sieved through that mesh and very little information trickles through, except for choice words which can be used to fuel rage and disreason.

jj said...

Yikes, that link should be preceded by a "HUGE FONT" warning. That almost blew my eyeballs out.

Rosie said...

so, funny thing.

I went to that so-con aggregator and found a blog called "dispel the illusion". It was funny because he had a header saying something like "radical feminist extremists launch anti-pregnancy comapaign" in response to the parody site April Reign from progressive bloggers started. I blogged about it. Its kinda like that guy who took the onion article on abortion seriously. I tried to take the high road but the guy doesn't allow comments on his blog, nor is there an email address. INstead I blogged about it and i hope he realises he's been got before people cash in on this.

Shannon said...

Yikes. Her stuff belongs on the 'wretched prose' site.

Worst. Poetry. Ever.

Read the one about the 'Chihuahua eyes'.

:: retches violently ::

catnip said...

I'm going to start a blog about my favourite number, which is 2. It totally beats all the others, especially the odd ones.

Okay. That's it. I've been quiet about my anti-2 views until this point but this kind of blatant 2-whoring is just so over the top that you've driven me to start an anti-2 bloog! It will be titled "8". Don't think you'll be able to get away with pushing your so-called 2 values on everyone! I've had just about enough of that preaching.

CC said...

crabgrass writes:

"I'm going to start a blog about my favourite number, which is 2. It totally beats all the others, especially the odd ones.

Once I come up with a name for it, I'll get started.

What about ""? Does that work for you?

Anonymous said...

"Now you're just being tedious."

Coming from you, this is rich. You apparently need to learn the definition of "irony".

Ti-Guy said...

Yeah, well CC doesn't troll around righty-tighty blogs like the tedious Talibanne-Suzanne.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
CC said...

Give it a rest, anonymous. That act is wearing thin.

Crabgrass said...

Ah, Catnip, your tiresome anti-2 screed once again.

Nobody hates like the anti-2 lobby.

Like it or not, 2 is the number that best represents where we are today as a nation, working hard together for the advancement and benefit both individually and collectively of our way of life and reaching out to um or the hope that we um... don't forget, there are those who would see our way of life go the way of um... let me put it this way.

God bless 2.

And taupe. God bless taupe.