Wednesday, January 11, 2006

And you thought I was hard on those miners' families?

You want lack of compassion? I'll give you lack of compassion. Man, nothing says mean-spirited, hateful vindictiveness like fundamentalist Christianity.

, I found that delightful bit of evil by following a link from here. Turns out a surprising number of Christians don't have a lot of sympathy for the folks in West Virginia. Hard to imagine.

PEOPLE WHO SHOULDN'T LEAVE COMMENTS: An anonymous poster writes:

Phelps also was a big backer of Al Gore. Go figure...

And Osama bin Laden is a big supporter of George W. Bush. What's your point?

Oh, I'm sorry, you weren't aware of that? Here, let me educate you:

ROBERT FISK: ... I'm sure [bin Laden] realizes that further threats are more likely to help Bush than Kerry and what Osama Bin Laden wants now, of course, is a president to be elected who will further mire the country into the Middle East swamp, and cause, of course more American casualties, which Bush will surely do. So, I think that this is probably Osama Bin Laden's vote for George W. Bush.

Note that Fisk spoke those words back in November of 2004. I'd say he nailed it perfectly, wouldn't you?

Yeah, I think it's safe to say that Commander Chimpy is Osama bin Laden's wet dream, no?


Anonymous said...

Fred Phelps is a moron (and, yes, evil), not a fundamentalist Christian. His views are so extreme that real fundamentalist Christians are starting to counter his demonstrations at soldiers' funerals. Of course, you'd never know that from reading the likes of Media Matters.

Rob Schenck was not expressing any "lack of compassion" towards the miners' families. I simply don't know where you (and the laughable Media Blathers) pulled that out of. Probably some bodily oriface - likely the same one where you keep your head. What he said was completely right. People who consider themselves Christians often don't pray unless it's at a time of extreme need. At no point did he say that God let these miners die because people weren't praying before they became trapped.

Your hate and bigotry are as disgusting as Fred Phelps'.

Dave said...


You have delved into the true scotsman fallacy. Congratulations. Collect your bagpipes on the left.

CC said...


Actually, I believe it's the "No true Scotsman fallacy", as you can read here and it is, of course, perfectly relevant.

(1) Fred Phelps is a hateful, vindictive moron.

(2) Real fundamentalist Christians are never hateful, vindictive morons.

(3) Therefore, Fred Phelps is not a real fundamentalist Christian.

Problem solved.

I will deal with the rest of Anonymous' silliness separately.

Dave said...

Whoops, my bad. Been awhile since I could claim someone made it and I screwed it up. Oh Well.

Grog said...


It's pathetic how some of the most vile crap is spewed forth by assorted "fundamentalists" (e.g. Pat Robertson, Dobson, and others) at times of tragedy.

That kind of behaviour is nothing more than opportunistic manipulation. The pattern is clear and repeated many, many times over - from last year's tsunami disaster to New Orleans to the recent coal mining disaster. Every time, the words are those spoken in tones of judgement and condemnation - often at the expense of the victims.

It's vile, manipulative and indefensible. If "real" fundamentalists aren't like that, then "real fundamentalists" had better start shouting down the morons that speak for them.

Anonymous said...

Dave and CC, the "No True Scotsman" fallacy is a fallacy unto itself:


Grog: plenty of vile crap is spewed out from the "fundamentalist left" during such times, too. Why, just look at this very blog.

CathiefromCanada said...

I think Phelps is actually mentally ill -- this bizarre flyer demonstrates that he is having a psychotic break.
And Pat Robertson is well on his way to the rubber room, too.

Anonymous said...

Hey, CC - gotten any more erections over a simplistic little piece of mindless code on a news website that picks up on when someone clicks a link to the website from your blog?

Grog said...


(I presume we only have one rattling around here - the writing style seems consistent):

"Fundamentalist Left????" - WTF are you talking about? (e.g. define your terminology)

CC is a lot of things, but since I haven't got a clue what a "Fundamentalist Left" would be basing their "fundamentalism" on, you're working in a really wierd little fantasy world.

As for 'hate and bigotry', I will point out to you that CC is criticizing people _for_their_actions. Unlike twits like Robertson, or Phelps who seem to have an amazing ability to link tragedy to someone's failure to be "religious enough in the _correct_ way" (whatever that might be)

Think on it a little bit.

Adam said...


Your link does not demonstrate the point it claims. The analogy is fine: Boris is not a Scotsman. This is clear because it relies on a (near) universally accepted definition of what constitutes a Scotsman. That is, it is clear what is set(X) and set(Y).

However, there is no such definition of what constitutes a Christian, beyond the belief in Jesus Christ as the saviour of humankind. If Phelps and his followers claim to be Christians, who are you to claim they are not? This is the 'No True Scotsman' fallacy.

PR said...

Actually, Phelps isn't much of a fundamentalist Christian. In fact, he's more of a Jew, with his preoccupation with the Old Testament.

Anonymous said...

Phelps also was a big backer of Al Gore. Go figure...