Friday, May 27, 2022


Mentally ill drug addict Dr. Jordan Peterson, who made a career out of publicly shaming and doxxing his critics, will now make a plea for non-disclosure:


Purple library guy said...

To be fair, I don't think he's saying this for the sake of the mass murderers involved.

It's still a stupid comment which is massively incorrect; if people don't have their actual names, they will just hang handles on them, like "The Unabomber", and it will make precisely zero difference to copycatting. And in any case, it's obvious that the phenomenon has social roots much too deep for "copycat" to be much of an explanation, otherwise every country that carries enough US news for these mass murders to be a major thing (which is lots of countries) would all have the same prevalence of mass murders. But in fact they do not, the variance is huge, partly because of different gun laws, partly because of different levels of militarism and violence in the culture, partly because of different levels of social cohesion, insecurity, and so on.

So as usual Peterson is an idiot. But I don't think the juxtaposition hit squarely this time.

thwap said...


Mass shootings will END if we stop publishing the shooters' names?

Is that why most every other country in the world doesn't have this problem?

Because they all long ago decided to not publish the names of the perpetrators?

"Guns don't kill people. People who publish the names of the killers kill people."

Or maybe it's something else?

Jordan Peterson is an idiot.