Friday, May 13, 2022


Ottawa man with lifetime MP pension and currently worth $15 million will now refer demeaningly to the "elites in Ottawa":

Seriously, he went there.

P.S. By the way, Skippy, you're raking in a full-time MP salary while spending your entire time crossing the country campaigning for the CPC leadership. How many "everyday people" do you think can rake in your kind of salary without ever showing up for work?


Anonymous said...

Pierre P is such an idiot that he attracts the terminally stupid who want to feel cerebral.

If he really wanted to hold people to account for the harm they have done, he'd likely be culling conservatives and then performing seppuku.

But Cons being cons...

Anonymous said...

According to ye Wikipedia, PP has been an elected politician since 2004. That's 18 years since he's held a real job where he wasn't a paid government agent. And before he was elected, he worked for other politicians. He's a career politician, the ultimate of political insiders.
Interestingly, he wrote a political essay in 1999 that argued for two term limits for MPs.
So he's a bald faced liar and a hypocrite. Obviously, he's the favorite to win the leadership of the CPC.