Tuesday, May 17, 2022


Psychologically-stunted and emotionally-crippled failed academic who almost died in a medically-induced coma to cure his addiction to benzodiazepine and who looks like death just slightly reheated:

will now pass judgment on others:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Man who delights in passing judgment reacts very badly to others passing judgment:


Anonymous said...

That's all conservatism is: passing judgements on others using a scale that would also condemn the person doing the judgement.
"Let he without sin cast the first stone" was only a suggestion, in some book that is apparently truth incarnate. However, it seems that most people who profess to follow that book the loudest have been least likely to actually read (or comprehend) any of it.

Anonymous said...

I guess he's given up any pretense of being being an "intellectual", and in light of the failure of his most self-help book for maladjusted males, he's doubling down on efforts to retain the Incel market. Like, fat chicks, man? Gross!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Peterson couldn't take the ratio and is taking his marbles and going home. https://twitter.com/jordanbpeterson/status/1526389811250077696?s=20&t=ojXiJyji2ZTPz4jttIJtBA