Sunday, May 08, 2022

Chronicles of Twatrick: Revenge. Dish. Cold. You do the math.

As a few people have asked me privately about my advertised intention to let Lloydminster's favourite village idiot and massively-indebted undischarged bankrupt Patrick "Super Quintuple MMA Cosplay Mommy's Basement" Ross sit and stew in bankruptcy for a while before pursuing him any further, here's my thinking (as it were).

As regular readers of this space will know, Patrick currently owes me over $108,000 pursuant to my 2010 default judgment against him for malicious defamation, and that amount is increasing at a Saskatchewan court-ordered annual interest rate of five per cent:

To that end, simply sitting back and doing nothing is cranking up Patrick's debt to me by over $500 per month based on the interest alone, and his overall debt is rising even further because of the inevitable Sheriff's fees incurred in the enforcement of collection, which is another $150-200 or so every month, which means that even as I sit here and do nothing, Patrick's debt is going up some $650-700 per month (most of it going to me), which actually is a decent return on investment if you think about it, so in that sense, why not just leave it there and let compound interest do its job for the next little while? I could go full metal collection on Patrick's ass, sure, but if there's nothing there to take at the moment (and there doesn't appear to be), why expend the effort when I can just let time work for me towards the day when Patrick expects to inherit whatever he expects to inherit, and I just take it from him?

(Oh, as an amusing aside, note from the above graphic that, as of May 19 of last year (2021), the court found that Patrick owed me just over $104,000 based purely on the judgment amount, a number which does not include a number of cost awards going back several years that Patrick refused to pay. Since that registration of my judgment in Saskatchewan and the start of collection proceedings against Lord Baron Twatrick von Loadenhosen, the sheriffs have relieved him of close to $10,000, absolutely none of which has lessened his debt to me effective today. That is, all of the money extracted from Patrick's doughy behind has gone entirely to long-time cost awards, sheriff's fees and accruing interest. Quite simply, even after Patrick has been forced to hand over almost ten grand, as of right now, he actually owes me more related to the judgment than he did last year. Let that sink in for a moment -- Patrick's bank account has been lightened of almost $10,000, the end result being that he currently owes me more than he did last year. This is the dizzying financial intellect we are dealing with here. In any event ... onward.)

Another reason I am in no rush to push this process forward is that, given Patrick's refusal to fill out and turn in a legally filed and served Sheriff's questionnaire regarding his current finances, Patrick has opened up for me the legal avenue to now file and serve similar questionnaires on his (possibly unsuspecting) family members, and even force them to sit and be questioned under oath, and here's what makes that somewhat amusing.

You see, Patrick was well aware that failing to turn over that questionnaire would then allow me to question his siblings. He knew that. Absolutely knew that. And he did it anyway, meaning that Patrick deliberately threw his family members under a very large, legal bus heading their way. Which means that, come the time I decide to drag the rest of that white trash hillbilly family in for questioning, they will know precisely that it was Patrick who, to continue his dodging and weaving, gave me the right to do that.

And what does that have to do with not dashing after Patrick right this instant, even though I have the right to? Well, there's the thought that I will first want to dig quietly into the financials of le famille Ross to see what I can discover that will save me time down the road. I have a number of anonymous sources that are more than happy to poke around and send me what they learn, so if I want to hang out for a few months (or longer) and start a file on each of those individuals, it is definitely in my best interest to be forearmed with serious details of their lifestyles and bank accounts. (All perfectly legal, by the way -- none of this involves breaking any laws in any way.)

Finally, there's one last reason to be patient: The longer Patrick continues running and hiding, the worse it will look for him once I get him into court (and, trust me, he will be in court when I decide it's time), and I can assure you that any sane judge will have little patience with Patrick once it becomes obvious how he has completely ignored his obligations under the bankruptcy regime, not just for a little while, but for well over a decade. Oh, yes, Patrick's procrastination and evasion is going to come back and bite him in his Spandex-encased ass in a big way when this finally hits the courtroom, so why not just sit back and let him bury himself in every possible way? I've had to deal with the weaselitude of Patrick Ross for well over a decade now, so what's another year or two, especially if it involves accruing interest?

In short, while I'll still post updates on an occasional basis, don't fret if there are no new developments until this summer ... or this fall ... or perhaps even next year. And while Patrick might see this as a victory, well, he has never been one to take the long view and appreciate the dangers involved in his weaselly avoidance, being unable to understand that when the bill comes due, it's going to come due in a horrifically ugly way.

P.S. There is one more reason to sit back and let all this play out, and that is that I have heard from more than one moderately reliable source that Patrick's father is getting seriously tired of a 40-year-old (soon to be 41-year-old) Patrick still living at home, with no career ambitions other than to post YouTube videos about mixed martial arts and the Edmonton Oilers, and to keep writing his novel:

I suspect we all know how that's coming along, but it will be enlightening to see how Patrick's dad handles the idea that Patrick isn't leaving home for quite possibly years to come.

P.P.S. Unsurprisingly, if Patrick somehow finds employment in the environs of Lloydminster (or elsewhere), I'd like to know about it, although I have been reliably informed that Patrick is so singularly disrespected around town that no sane employer would want to have anything to do with him, which is why he had to go all the way to northern Alberta last year to get work.

In any event, if anyone hears of Patrick suddenly having gainful employment, by all means, drop me a note, whereupon I will pass that on to the Saskatchewan sheriffs.


RossOwesDay said...

For laughs, you should somehow legally compel Twatsy to share the current draft of Dragon Gold. Maybe you can seize the intellectual property rights to the "novel" as part of your judgment. It's probably a 2.5 page .docx file last edited in 2016.

MgS said...

Re: Mr. Ross' employment prospects - I suspect strongly he will eventually disappear into working as a farmhand, or doing labour work in some relatively distant location like northern BC once his father passes away. With no lease or real estate contracts to tie him to a location, he will try to disappear off the map entirely.

*Note: Yes, I know he's an attention seeker - I don't think that will change. But the necessities of survival will push him in certain directions, and if he wants to continue evading legal service, that may become the price he has to pay. (and realistically, how big is his YouTube audience anyhow?

Anonymous said...

Oof, well it must suck being Patrick Ross from Lloydminster, SK.

We love the updated "Chronicles Of Twatrick" but don't mind it taking a break. Your readers know that future updates to this comical saga will be both jaw-dropping and hilarious.

Keep them coming, whenever you feel like it, CC.

Anonymous said...

Is it even worth anything?

Anonymous said...

He wants to claim IP rights on this saga itself and will demand royalties for your releasing spoilers. He is likely registering all the potential graphic art derivatives, I am thinking of a cartoon with him as Wile E Coyote reading Secret Plans from the Acme Chronicles division. Plans which will have Super Dave outcomes.
He will have no problem being parodied but you must pay like anyone else.

Anonymous said...

It's DEFINITELY worth it for the laughs

Anonymous said...

Famille, in French, is a feminine word. Therefore, it should be la famille.

RossOwesDay said...

The IP rights to Dragon Gold are worth about five cents. Still, Twatsy needs to do everything he can to pay down his six-figure debt to Mr. Day.

Merryjest said...

I just came across this debauchery of hilarity today-- Rossy took umbrage to an off-hand remark I made about his idol Jordan Peterson and then proceeded to "debate me bro" for several hours, during which he kept producing lovingly-photographed images of Peterson's books that... proved exactly the point I was making. At which point he blocked me, and an amused soul directed me to this blog, where I have now read most of the entries and I am in awe of what a *perfect* specimen of a Jordan Peterson fan he is. He really does check all the boxes. I can't wait to see what the future brings.

CC said...

Merryjest: Welcome to the ever-growing Patrick "Lord Baron Twatrick von Loadenhosen" Ross fan club, where amused spectators speculate on just how Patrick will further fuck up his flaming dumpster train wreck of a life. Related to your recent encounter, it must be noted that Patrick's M.O. is to never, ever, ever, ever, ever engage anyone in good faith, something I alluded to just last year here:

I'm betting you will immediately see the similarities.