Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Chronicles of Twatrick: Happy (almost) interestversary!

Yes, it's a day early, but it's a very Linux-filled week for your humble scribe and I wanted to make sure I didn't forget to send interestversary salutations to Lloydminster's favourite undischarged bankrupt and basement-dwelling village idiot Patrick Ross on the nine-month anniversary of the registration of my malicious defamation judgment against him in the province of Saskatchewan:

Given that it is now nine months since the registration of my judgment, and given the Saskatchewan-imposed higher interest rate of 5 per cent, I guesstimate that Patrick now owes me just north of $108,000, an amount increasing by around $500 a month due to accruing interest (and let us not forget that Patrick is also responsible for the additional $100-200 per month of Sheriff's collection enforcement fees).

Finally, as regular readers will know, Patrick (quite unsurprisingly) did not turn in the voluntary Sheriff's questionnaire he was served with some weeks ago, which now opens up his entire family to being hauled in for questioning under oath, but as I have already explained, I am in no rush to push this along as I am fine with treating Patrick's debt to me as an investment that is returning 5 per cent annually.

In any event, I don't expect any further developments on the Lord Baron Twatrick von Loadenhosen front until we gather here a month from now for the next interestversary. Maybe there will be cake. It would be great if there's cake.


RossOwesDay said...

If you aren't actively pursuing your monies owed at the moment, how does the $100-200/month of Sheriff's collection enforcement fees work? Does Twatrick get billed $100-$200/month just for being "on the books" with the Saskatchewan sheriffs? Are they still trying to drain his bank account every once in a while? Or, are there additional fees if and when you direct the sheriffs to try to seize money out of Twatsy's bank account?

CC said...

ROD: Oh, they're still regularly checking his bank account for money to seize, but they can do that without my constantly prodding them. So, yes, it represents Sheriffs still doing their best to collect.

RossOwesDay said...

LOL. Not only can Twatsy Ross not have a credit card, apparently he now can't even have a BANK ACCOUNT.

How many people in the history of Canada have ruined their life so profoundly through sheer idiocy?

CC said...

ROD: I guess it's still possible for Patrick to open a new bank account, maybe if he conceals his current status as an undischarged bankrupt, but there's no question I will eventually locate that and it will be simply more to add to a growing mountain of evidence of his flagrant misconduct.

It just occurred to me that, since tax filing time recently passed, I might have the right to examine his tax return. I will have to ask.

In the end, I have no idea what Patrick sees as a viable endgame here. In the end, there is little doubt that he will spend the rest of his life as an indigent, undischarged bankrupt with no home, no career, no business, no prospects, and amusing himself by producing unwatchable YouTube videos about how smitten he is with female professional wrestlers and hoping they call him up and offer to have sex with him.

Pretty sure that's not happening.