Wednesday, May 25, 2022


Things Republicans want to ban:

  • Public protest against Republicans.
  • Critical race theory in classrooms.
  • A wide variety of books.
  • Abortion.
  • The teaching of evolution.
  • Disney World.

Things Republicans refuse to ban:

  • Assault weapons that can kill numerous children in a matter of seconds.


Anonymous said...

You left "birth control", "gay rights", "the separation between church and state", "race mixing" and "desgregation" off of your list.
Some of them also wouldn't mind denying the womenfolk the vote.
Basically, they want to go back to the year 1809.
They're constitutional "originalists" but they think the 2nd amendment applies to more than just front loaded ball muskets, which were the height of advanced weaponry at the time.

MgS said...

@Anonymous at 11:11AM:

"Originalists" - especially the Scalia types - tend to make 2 mistakes:

1. They assume that the original authors were infallibly correct in writing the constitution in the first place

2. They also err in supposing that what the original authors wrote 200+ years ago is what they would write today given changes in society and technology.

In short, their legal understanding of things is impaired by the stupidest set of assumptions imaginable. Scalia's name should hang on the wall of shame for all time for the damage he inflicted on Americans.

Del Esau said...

Jim Jeffries on guns.
Two parts on Youtube.
Not only hilarious but right on point.

Purple library guy said...

They do not want to go back to the year 1809. They want to go back to a time that never existed. The US Founding Fathers were not rabid Christians; most of 'em were Deists with a very hands-off interpretation of what God might have been like; the "Clockmaker God" who set things running and then stood back to watch was a popular idea at the time. Quite a few were Masons. Most were firmly committed to various Enlightenment ideals involving rationality and such.
In general, if modern Christian-rightists could sit down to a discussion with a typical sampling of US founding fathers, the two would be absolutely at loggerheads.

C. Mike Hunt said...

Remember this the next time you hear them (or Canadian RWNJs, for that matter) going on about "freedom."

They don't want freedom. They want their version of freedom, where they can say and whatever they want, at the expense of everyone else, and to hell with everyone else.

They want control. Period.