Monday, May 30, 2022

Chronicles of Twatrick: The bombastic legalizing.

While I recently promised that I would not pollute the airwaves with any more sad tales of the dumpster fire/train wreck of a life that is Lloydminster's Patrick Ross, he has sort of forced my hand so I'm going to let you in on something I became aware of only in the last little while.

As regular readers will know, His Royal Highness Lord Baron Twatrick von Loadenhosen has frequently threatened legal action against all and sundry who describe him as a bloviating asshat and shitty, shitty author, even though it has been firmly established that, given Patrick's status as an undischarged bankrupt without a trustee, he has absolutely zero standing to launch any lawsuits. This point is not up for debate -- Patrick cannot sue anyone, no matter how much he digs into jurisprudence and misinterprets what he reads there.

More to the point, even if (miraculously) he managed to get a filing past some courthouse clerk, given his history of relentless non-compliance with court orders and refusal to pay cost awards for years on end, Patrick would certainly be required to post significant security. And by "significant," I mean $25,000, perhaps $50,000, as no court would have any sympathy for him at this point. (And if Patrick tried to hire a lawyer, I can assure you that would require a similarly massive retainer.) But you all know all this, so what's new?

What's new is that, not that long ago, my go-to contact at Canada's Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy (OSB) revealed to me that, due to multiple complaints against Patrick for his public harassment of people in threatening to sue them, the OSB actually sent an official letter to Patrick, informing him that he does indeed have no legal standing whatsofuckingever to sue anyone for anything.

Make sure you understand the significance of what I just told you.

The OSB itself, responding to Patrick's ongoing bad behaviour and threats, has officially informed him that he has no legal right to sue anyone. And not only did Patrick receive that letter, a copy was sent to the courthouse in Grande Prairie, Alberta, informing them of the same, so that if Patrick tries to file yet another asinine legal action while toiling away in Northern Alberta, his filing will be unceremoniously kicked to the curb by that courthouse. In short, Patrick is now totally screwed in terms of yammering on about how he's going to sue someone for three and a half skajillion dollars for calling him an addle-pated twatwaffle.

(Disclaimer: I have not seen a copy of the aforementioned letter, as it did not relate directly to me so it is inappropriate for the OSB to give me a copy unless it becomes necessary, so I am simply taking my OSB contact's word for what they have done, but I have no reason to not believe him.)

So what does this all mean? Well, as I said, it means Patrick is totally fucked in terms of his constant threatening of legal action, but it also means some potential entertainment value in that, the next time Patrick threatens anyone, one can respond by asking ever so sweetly about how his threats square with the letter he received from the OSB. Even better, ask Patrick to post the letter (he has every right to publish it himself), and suggest he provide his legal interpretation of what it says. But here's the capper.

Given Patrick's chronic dishonesty, it's entirely possible that he will deny the very existence of the letter, and that's where he could find himself in a world of trouble since, if he refuses to acknowledge his receipt of the letter and tries to file an action against someone anyway, that opens him up to just a massive ass-kicking from the court who will demand to know why Patrick was ignoring a clear directive from the OSB.

In any event, if Patrick is threatening you with legal action, you have my permission to ask him about the letter he got from the OSB, and see how he responds. And if he insists that no such letter exists, by God, you need to take a screenshot of that denial because it will be ever so handy when Patrick gets his nads handed to him by the legal system.

And thanks for stopping by.

BONUS TRACK: Just yesterday, Patrick was bloviating as to how he was given the go-ahead to sue by the Court of Queen's Bench:

Two things about the above. First, Patrick filed that without disclosing his status as an undischarged bankrupt without a trustee; the court clerk subsequently made it clear Patrick's filing would not have been accepted if he'd admitted that.

Second, you'll notice that that filing is from October of last year, and I have it on good authority that it has not progressed even the tiniest bit, as Patrick is well aware of what would happen if he made any effort to move it along.

If Patrick wants to brag about his legal standing to prosecute the above action, then let him contact the court and ask for a hearing date, and see how well that ends for him.

JUST TO BE CLEAR about what I wrote above, Patrick has bragged for months about how the above filing against Peter Skinner proves beyond a doubt that he has the right to launch legal actions. However, he carefully omits two details about that action.

He first carefully conceals that he did not disclose his status as an undischarged bankrupt to the court clerk, who absolutely would have rejected his filing if she had known that.

Just as significantly, Patrick glosses over the fact that he filed that action in October of last year and has been milking its alleged importance ever since, despite the fact that he has made no effort to move it along through the court system. As regular visitors will remember, shortly after Patrick filed the above, he went to a great deal of effort to avoid legal service of a response, going so far as listing a bogus address for service. One suspects Patrick is well aware of what would happen if he made even the slightest effort to move this action forward, which is why he is reduced to gloating meaninglessly about a filing from last fall that has gone precisely nowhere since he filed it.


RossOwesDay said...

Thanks for the public service announcement, Cynic. The whole world needs to know about the idiotic, pathetic vexatiousness of Patrick Ross.

Are you sure Twatsy received the letter from the OSB? In the past, he's tried to evade registered mail. For example, Mr. Skinner sent Twatrick registered mail about three months ago, and Ken Ross picked it up from the Lloydminster Mall 13 days after failures to deliver to Casa Twatrick.

CC said...

ROD: I cannot confirm how the letter was delivered or whether Patrick officially received it, since I was not the person related to its issuance, and the OSB has strict policies regarding who gets what information; all I was told is that it was delivered to both Patrick, and to the courthouse in GP in case Patrick tries to file another action there.

Unsurprisingly, if Patrick *does* try to file another action, that letter will kick in with some savagery, and I would be allowed to take advantage of it, which is somewhat amusing given that Patrick has tweeted that he is "currently" suing me, which I can assure you is total bullshit as nothing has been filed, and *now* if something is filed, there will be quite the blowback.

In the end, if others are interested, you are invited to ask Patrick about it directly and see what response you get. Patrick might deny anything related to said letter, which would be interesting since its existence could then be confirmed via the GP courthouse.

On the other hand, Patrick could admit to receiving, but misrepresent its interpretation, at which time one could ask him to simply post it online, and I think that's the simplest solution here -- just ask Patrick openly whether he received such a letter from the OSB and, if he admits it, invite him to post it. How he handles such a request might be revealing.

RogueNerdOne said...

@CC: I've been quiet on this issue for a while now because I'm getting all my ducks in a row for when he does try to move it along. We have responses for surety (This isn't moving forward without a generous amount of surety. I'd like $35-50K held in trust), notice of libel which was not served properly, and of course his bankruptcy status. There's even a few that I'm sure he's not ready for. Without a doubt, I will be seeking my costs and damages. First thing I'll be doing is getting an address that isn't his Father's. I can prove that I told Patrick my response my waiting for him at his Dad's and it took a further 8 days, literally 2 hours before being sent back to be before he picked it up. That's just playing games.

Since Patrick insists on telling everyone and their RCMP officers that I run a group of "proxies" to fight and generally annoy him. That is libelous on it's own, and he did it again the other night with a guy from Calgary over the Oilers win over the Flames.

Patrick said he could beat the guy up, someone showed me the tweet, so I replied to the guy with the video of Patrick getting his ass kicked. That alone was enough to send Patrick spiraling out of control.

Patrick trolled his guy and then got him banned. Typical pillow fist move. His continued use of the term Skidmark to describe me will only further endear him to the courts. He's childish and knows this isn't going anywhere.

He can try to delete everything, but I have it all from all his accounts.

Here's something else he doesn't realize.. he can't proceed without revealing who RoD is. All defendants have to be properly named and a Twitter handle doesn't suffice. We're ready for this as well when it comes up.

There's so many issues with his filing I'm sitting back and watching as he further fucks up his life.

CC said...

@RNO: If it were me, I'd consider filing to have Patrick's action dismissed as abandoned, due to his total and complete lack of effort to move it along (and, of course, I'd insist on full costs). The argument here would be that, on the one hand, Patrick has a pinned tweet bragging incessantly about having launched this action way back in October while, on the other hand, he has actively avoided doing anything with it, going so far as to provide a false address for legal service. Add to that the argument that he is clearly aware he has no right to sue anyone, which explains his reluctance to proceed, and I suspect that you would find a sympathetic Court.

And just for fun, I'd piggyback on top of that filing a demand that Patrick be declared a vexatious litigant.

I suspect you have the situation well in hand, I'm just pondering evil ideas to kick Patrick's ass even more.

P.S. It's now public knowledge that at least one of Patrick's siblings is in financial straits, and one suspects Patrick's draining of the family coffers to keep him going during his times of unemployment is probably not helping the situation.

Anonymous said...

Everybody is in financial straits. Is it dire straits?

Anonymous said...

We are watching this with interest. Time is ticking. Pretty soon, annual anniversary dates of the letters Patrick sent will be observed. At that time, might I suggest might be a time for defendants to pursue a legal smackdown of Patrick via the courts?

Anonymous said...

Well, if it is dire straits; Patrick will know that money does not come from nothing, and that the chicks don't come for free.

He better start selling microwave ovens and selling custom kitchens on delivery of he wants to avoid those dire straits.

(see what I did here?)