Monday, May 09, 2022

I ... um ... wut?

Here's Rebel News' Ezra Levant, making a prediction regarding the identity of the "leaker" of the U.S. Supreme Court draft for overturning Roe v. Wade:

Apparently, Ezra is appalled by the idea of someone doing something outrageous, then cashing in on their notoriety by setting up a fundraiser and raking in an assload of cash.

Ezra makes no prediction on the imminence of charitable tax receipts.


thwap said...

What a disgusting person Ezra Levant is.

Anonymous said...

The problem with Ezra's theory is the lack of convincing motive. Why would the leaker become a hero on the left? And the left doesn't crowd fund to make someone rich.

Someone on the right, OTOH, has a strong motive to make media coverage all about the draft leak. When the actual opinion drops, it'll seem like old news that can be ignored. My money's on Ginni Thomas - she has means, motive and opportunity.

CC said...

Anon: One compelling theory is that it was one of the Court's *conservative* judges who leaked it, in order to box in any waffling other conservatives on the Court that might have been persuadable by Chief Justice John Roberts to adopt a more nuanced and limited position.

By releasing the ruling prematurely, it puts the rest of the right-wing dingbats on the Court in a very awkward position of then having to renege on what's in the draft, even though their names are affixed to the ruling.

Anonymous said...

Of course, Roberts has promised a thorough investigation to settle it once and for all. Then today, someone identified only as a conservative leaked to the WaPo that Roberts wasn't in on a wholesale reversal of Roe. Looks like the chief justice is worried about his legacy. I wonder if he'll investigate that leak too.