Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Apparently, I need to explain "atheism."

Regular anonymous correspondent tells me that some truly stupid people elsewhere are yammering on about "atheism," and getting it completely wrong. Here, let me clear things up.

And, yes, that is the correct definition.

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Anonymous said...

It seems unlikely to me that humans are the most advanced form of life anywhere. It is even conceivable that higher beings could create us, just as we create machines and are starting on organisms. They would certainly appear to be gods.

In religious texts the science is pretty rudimentary. In my experience of science, we blamed God for everything we can't yet explain. At first God made the earth. Then that was explained by a dust disk orbiting the sun congealing into a rocky planet. The sun was God's fault but then we started to figure out galaxies. Now it is the big bang. In my science, God started it, until we determine the mechanisms involved.

The religious people do not seem to appreciate that the religious God is unchanging and losing ground while the science "God" keeps getting bigger. Science takes things away from God by explaining them, but many discoveries lead to new questions that can't yet be answered, so God is blamed provisionally, and there are always more new questions than the old ones a discovery answers.

Science is trying to explain how we are here, religion tries to explain why.

The real problem with religious faith is not God, it is humans who demand you obey them because God, despite being all powerful and hears each bird wing's beat, is too busy to tell you directly anything.

So I presume there could be a God, but I'm not paying a preacher to tell me their theory.