Thursday, May 12, 2022

How stupid is Lorrie Goldstein? Well, ...

Jesus ...

First, ignore the childishness of Lorrie's smarmy and playground insult of "Laurentian elite," as if that makes him sound like one of the hip, cool kids.

Concentrate, instead, on Lorrie's selective evasion in that people are not horrified by the prospect of PM Skippy based solely on the above; no, people are getting increasingly appalled by a potential PM who makes one indescribably stupid campaign promise after another -- "I'll defund the CBC! And I'll fire the Governor of the Bank of Canada! And I'll switch the country to a cryptocurrency economy!" One can barely come to terms with Skippy's latest stupidity before he's horking up something even more addled and terrifying.

It's depressing that someone as fucking stupid as Lorrie Goldstein is still a "journalist."

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