Saturday, May 07, 2022

Did CPC MP Candice Bergen have a stroke while I was away?

Seriously, I'm trying to understand how she is so stupefyingly incoherent in a recent video. Can someone get her some help?

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Anonymous said...

Now hold on a second! Are you suggesting that at some point that she may have been coherent? Or maybe I misinterpreted what you said, and mean that she's more incoherent from her standard incoherence, which would be...something.

As for your question, the answer's probably no, and I assume it has something to do with PM Trudeau allegedly using the "F" word in the House of Commons, causing her, Pierre Poilievre, and others in their party to do a quadruple Salchow-triple toe loop into their fainting couches.

As for getting her help...we're probably well beyond that point.