Monday, May 09, 2022

The inaccuracy of the "My 8-year-old was injured by Pfizer" Gofundme fundraiser.

Apparently, the anti-vaxxer dumbass-o-sphere is yanking themselves into a frenzy over the suggestion that an adorable 8-year-old was appallingly crippled by a shot of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine:

Hey, I know, let's go to the actual sources, where we learn:
  • Emma Burkey is 18 years old, not 8.
  • This all happened in mid-2021, so it is not a recent development.
  • Most critically, it was not a Pfizer shot, it was the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine.
And if there's any reason for Gofundme to have yanked that fundraiser, it would be the legal department of Pfizer, telling Gofundme that it was about to have its ass sued every which way to next week for mis-identifying the company that manufactured the vaccine shot in question.

Are we done here? Yeah, I think we're done here.

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