Thursday, May 19, 2022

Sure, it's JUST like that.

Because being tortured (possibly to death) under a savage, right-wing military dictatorship is just like having to live with the consequences of choosing not to get vaccinated:

I can't believe I'd never noticed the similarities.


Anonymous said...

That's a strange comment from the junior Streicher gang at Der Rebel.

Pinochet's fascist regime tortures communist, but some how the knuckle draggers at Der Rebel mange to link the communist victims with the actual actions of the fascists by combining communism and dictatorships early on.

This is some Rick Bell level of thinking.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was left baffled by that as well. Given Jose's apparent Communist Part ties in Chile before Pinochet forcefully took over the country, outlawed political parties other than his, and subsequently tortured the likes of Jose, one of three things are true:

a) Jose renounced his Commnunist ties in the ensuing (nearly) 50 years since Chile's own 9/11 (Pinochet's coup - with the United States' aid - happened on September 11, 1973), and sees Communism and dictatorship as evil as one another;

b) he didn't renounce those ties, and only equated not having people able to visit him in hosptial due to Covid protocals to Pinochet's dictatorship;

...or more likely, given the source of this swill, and Rebel's own ability to produce so much bullshit, it would probably make more money selling its own brand of fertilizer than through their 5,643 different fundraisers...

c) same as (b), but with Rebel's "reporter" adding in their own potshot, equating Communism with dictatorships. This in turn means they took an inadvertent (or not-so inadvertent) shot at Jose, and also says to their readers, "have sympathy for this Commie lover, but not too much," or "even Commie lovers aren't safe from dictator Trudeau's iron fist!"

It's a good thing Rebel's reader/viewership doesn't think for themselves, or they might be left as confused as us. Thankfully, all they need to see is the words "Communism" and "dictator", and they start foaming at the mouth in anger. Add in a Trudeau reference (not seen here) for full-on rage mode. They don't know why all those things make them mad, they just do because Rebel News tells them so!