Saturday, May 21, 2022



Conservatives who relentlessly insist that public schools bow to their demands regarding the teaching of evolution, religion, sexuality, critical race theory and myriad other topics are suddenly outraged over the idea of ideological propaganda in public schools.


Purple library guy said...

Gee, if you don't want the people doing public education to want you not elected, maybe you shouldn't relentlessly fuck over public education. OTOH, if it's totally important to you to fuck over public education, maybe you better be resigned to the idea that they're not going to like you.
Is there some kind of implicit duty in public education to be apolitical? I'm not sure there is, and conservatives certainly don't treat it that way most of the time, they insist that schools teach their political agenda. Shouldn't be surprised then if now and then public education pushes its own political agenda--which would have to include getting conservatives off their backs.

Anonymous said...

If the description of the school announcement is correct, the former politician has a good point. Public servants don't need to be apolitical, but they aren't allowed to engage in politics at work or use government resources for partisan purposes. In a high school, some of the students may be of voting age and public servants aren't allowed to tell those they supervise how to vote. This announcement was wrong on so many levels.

Anonymous said...

They may have announced a request that parents vote for a government that will decrease class sizes.

They could have had candidates visit the school and be given a few minutes during announcements so they do not have to assemble.

A teacher saying vote for the Liberals on announcements would likely be fired. Sounds bogus

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this sounds about as real as most of those facebook stories that my dad and cousins would forward to me until I posted Weird Al's Stop Forwarding That Crap To Me.

Anonymous said...

Hello Ben Shairo's Hipster Cafe or How To Win Elections With Made-Up Anecdotes.