Monday, May 16, 2022


Rebel News on the meanness of pro-choice protesters: "SHRIEK! SHRIEK! SHRIEKKK!!!! Oh, the humanity!!!"

Rebel News on white supremacist that murdered 10 people, inspired by the same racist dreck constantly spewed by Ezra, David, Sheila and the rest of the execrable bigots there:

Rebel News: All the awkward news that's fit to ignore.


Anonymous said...

All the flutruxklan morons with "Fuck Trudeau" signs who would rant about "globalists" (code for "THE JEWS!") when they weren't physically intimidating or attacking news media were a-ok with rebel news.
But pro-abortion protesters? They were rude! And they swore! And they refused to talk to us! And I'm pretty sure that girl is a dude!
Jesus fucking christ those snowflakes at the rebel are the worst.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile Governor Incel of Nebraska will bring in the "Incel Reproductive Rights Act". No abortion for rape, and to cover the bases, legalized rape.