Monday, October 18, 2021


Rebel News: "To defend freedom and liberty, it is essential that people gather in large groups publicly."

Also Rebel News: "How dare those filthy Muslims gather in large groups publicly?"


Anonymous said...

Disappointing but not surprising to see the Rebel resuming Islamophobia as a theme, given that the revenue generation potential of the Pawlowski brothers has just been chopped off.
So once again, a video of a bunch of cars is enough to spur a long rant about unproven violations of health and safety codes.
Menzies' obsessive stalking of Muslims is really quite creepy. I remember his first forays into various malls years ago, where he would "test his new camera" by taking pictures of Muslim families in the food courts, and throw a tantrum about "his rights in a public space" when they'd get tired of being harassed and ask hi politely to stop. This latest is a worthy addition to his "COVID Mosque" series, in which he parked outside mosques, mused about whether or not they were breaking regulations, and finally ended up complaining about the position of the Canadian flag on their flagpole.
I wonder if Menzies' mother was frightened by a falafel when he was in utero?

Anonymous said...

Interesting. In terms of stalking and harrassing Muslims, Dave has apparently found a soul-mate in Richamond Hill!

"At the heart of the report was a complaint that Muench walked into the residence of Richmond Hill resident Mehrdad Sabouhi. Once inside and having refused to leave, Meunch told contractors inside the home he was "the government" and "the law". He also suggested he "knew Doug Ford" and that he was "important". The report stated that while Muench, who said he felt as though the home was being used as a "rooming house", acted in good faith and without malice, his actions were far outside his remit.

The city investigated the property in August and found no violations.

Anonymous said...

So Dave counted 100 ("or so") number of cars parked at a cemetery. Certainly an Islamic scholar of Menzies' depth is aware that:
- Muslim interments must occur as soon as possible after death?
- Cremation and other non-burial funerary options are not permitted?

So maybe, just maybe, there were four Muslims buried that day (or .001 percent of the total Muslim population of Toronto 425,000), and each had twenty five mourners who drove to the cemetery?