Saturday, February 21, 2009

The wonders of high technology.

Why, yes, I'd love to register for the upcoming Manning Centre Conference on Freedom and Democracy and Princess Rainbow Sparkle Ponies. Whoops:

What a coincidence:

Yeah, you might want to get Stephen to look into that.


Zorpheous said...

I am surprised they don't have Kathy Shailde in to speak about Race Relations and Poverty Outreach

Ti-Guy said...

I see the Consevatards are still pumping the Republican well, even though it's been dry for at least six years. By the way, here's Liz Mair.

...kind of got a Rachel Marsden thing going, n'est-ce pas?

Who the hell would pose like that for a picture?

mikmik said...

They gots a mizzunderstandin of the intertoobz.

Whuts a logging server? Oh yeah, a forest. They are always available and will be around for decades.

FFS, I'm starting to think like a reta..reetar...retar... tory.