Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kathy Shaidle: Liar?

Once upon a time, I suggested that Five Feet of Anal Cyst Kathy Shaidle was playing fast and loose with the facts. Which makes this recent post of hers so very, very interesting:

A commenter at BCF is threatening to file a Section 13 complaint against me.


I've been TRYING to get a "hate speech" complaint for years now, by purposefully saying politically incorrect things about every ethnic group, including my own, on this blog.

Um ... Kathy? If you're only now trying to get someone to "finally" file a Section 13 complaint against you, what were you doing asking for donations to protect you from the CHRC as long ago as last summer? Some of your generous donors might be a bit puzzled by this timeline. I know I would be.


liberal supporter said...

Please refer to Page 2 of the Rove manual, wherein it is written:
"When caught, pretend you were joking, and in fact were trying to get caught."

Mike said...

And yet, at Jay Currie's place, when Dawg posited she had set up the silly in order to do just that, she flatly denied it and told him to shut up.

Sounds like Dawg was right...

La Shaidle doesn't know what the truth is anymore.

It must be physically painful to be her. Really.

Zorpheous said...

Well, I don't think that blog site was setup by Shaidle personally, since she lives in the Etobicoke-Lakeshore riding and if you examone the timestamps in the comment section, they are on BC time.

Of course the sock puppets (all trying to pose themselves as Liberal poster) goes completely un answered by the anon blogs owner, it is now becoming more and more clear that this is most likely a rightwing puppet show. Shaidle may or may not know who is behind it, but it clear Shailde would truly welcome being nailed to CHRC cross, damn, she's even willing to supply her own cross and nails,... she just so damn short that she need some help getting up on the cross.

Shailde is shmuck.

Zorpheous said...

oh, when do you NAMBLA Dickie will show up with his huff and puff show?

Red Tory said...

You chose to ignore this part her post:

After all, such a complaint would be great publicity for me and would help me get a lot of donations and sell a ton of books.

Plus I plan to ignore it completely, other than writing GO SCREW YOURSELF on the official complaint and faxing it back to the HRC office.

Sorry, but you're taking Shaidle out of context and that... whoa... that is pretty slimy.

Audrey II said...

Expecting internal consistency from a wingnut is like expecting quick movement from a sloth. It happens, but it's rare.

Since before Nixon's time, these people have been saying whatever they think it most advantageous, regardless of principle, ethical implication, or logical coherency. Some cynically exploit ignorance, political apathy, and the short attention span / memory of a large segment of the electorate. Others (like Shaidle) simply do it out of simple stupidity and/or lack of self-awareness.

I mean really... if Shaidle did have any ability to objectively self-evaluate, would she (being aware of her appearance) be publicly posting about wanting "hawt action" of any kind?

Graham said...

Just to point out, Shaidle is raising money to fight a defimation suit from Richard Warmon (Warman?) the serial Section 13 complainent, not an actual Section 13 complaint.

Ti-Guy said...

Just to point out, Shaidle is raising money to fight a defimation suit from Richard Warmon (Warman?) the serial Section 13 complainent, not an actual Section 13 complaint.


CC said...


I have no idea what you're babbling about. What you wrote above doesn't seem to be relevant to my main point in this post -- that Shaidle seemed to be begging for donations last year under obviously false pretenses.

I am quoting no one out of context.

Balbulican said...

"Kathy Shaidle: Liar?"

Pope: Catholic?


Shaidle has made a decision to make a living as a cut-rate Canuck Coulter, counting on sales of self-published tomes to the semiliterate and a tenured spot as the Outrage Generator when producers are stuck for a segment. ANY publicity, any lawsuit, is simply marketing for her.

It's a bad career choice - the market for racist, synthetic outrage is tanking - but bad choices are also part of her brand.

Zorpheous said...

Mark and came up with a new title for Kathy Shaidle

Raci$t For Profit - The $hailde $tory

The worst aspects of the Free Market and Free Speech combined with Soft Porn Racism.

Randall said...

The kind of people who would be likely to donate to Shaidle have probably already forgotten what happened last summer.

Audrey II said...

Shaidle's appearance on "The Agenda" was priceless.

Please, Kathy... more public appearances!