Thursday, February 26, 2009

... and in other news, Satan was seen ice skating to work.

Curiously, on this issue, Canada's Douchebaggiest Blogger™ and I are in complete agreement (the link, if you must):

Quite so, Kate, since when it comes to the threat of armed violence, Barack Obama really does have to watch himself, doesn't he? You just never know when one of your groupies is going to take that Second Amendment thing a little too seriously, do you?

Canada's Kate McMillan: Just giving Obama a little heads up that that's a nice family he's got there, and it would be a shame if anything happened to them.


Zorpheous said...

Sweet Jebus, have you read some of the comments in that thread/threat.

Maybe someone should send a friendly email to the FBI as an FYI. Free Speech is one thing but Kate has a few posters over there that have clear crossed over that line.

If I were Kate, I'd be deleting some of those comments ASAP.

Dr.Dawg said...

Certainly a violation of US law. I'm with Zorpheous. This crosses the line.

Adam C said...

Phew. I knew the wingnuts thought of Atlas Shrugged as a kind of bible, but I didn't realize they saw Rand as a literal prophet...

CC said...

Zorph writes:

"If I were Kate, I'd be deleting some of those comments ASAP."

But why would she do that, Zorph? After all, she's a "free speech warrior," no? And deleting comments would be so, you know, un-free speechy.