Thursday, February 19, 2009

Batshit crazy wingnuts, to the courtesy phone.

So much right-wing douchebaggery all in one place. I don't even know where to start.

SNARK THE FIRST: So ... The Blogging Tories will be exhibiting there, and we have this gem:

The Manning Centre for Building Democracy is organizing the Manning Networking Conference & Exhibition 2009 to enrich your networking and learning opportunities.

"Learning opportunities?" Excellent. So here's a suggestion, Preston -- why don't you pop by the Blogging Tories booth and educate them as to the fact that there's nothing untoward, sleazy or unconstitutional about a coalition government in Canada? Seriously, Preston, you should explain that to them because, well, they're really, really, really fucking stupid when it comes to understanding the basics of Canadian politics.

I'd start with Blogging Tory co-founder and your current, youthful sidekick Stephen Taylor. If you can convince him of that basic fact, well, there might be hope for the rest of them.

YEAH, it's kind of like this, only not as funny. Or funnier, depending on your leaning.

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mikmik said...

I learned a new term, it is "center progressive" only it doesn't mean "way the fuck out there radical" like "center right" means