Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Those brown people are really starting to gripe my wagger, ya know?

Shorter Blogging Tory "Raphael Alexander": "Will all you darkies please just fuck off?"


The Seer said...

"I love the fact that it doesn’t put me in prisons where I will languish for years on end, while at nights I am tortured with steel cables and electric currents, like they do in the country where I immigrated from. I love that even if I am tortured in the country where I immigrated from, I can count on Canada to give me money so that I can feel better about myself, and will not have to work ever again."

Duz this apply to all immigrants from the US?

If I come will Canada's New New give me money so I won't ever have to work again?

Do I want to trade Barack for Steverino?

thwap said...

Raphael really put his head up his ass with that one. (He must like the smell.)

One of those guys tortured in Syria was an Iraqi (a refugee fom Saddam Hussein's regime who thought he could go home because his country had been freed), the other was an Egyptian (who was engaged to a Syrian woman) and while the last of the three was a Syrian, he'd been a Canadian since he was 16, he'd never been troubled by the Syrian government before, and he was visiting briefly to see his grandmother before she died.

Raphael is a pasty, stupid little boy who needs a time-out from blogging. The last thing he needs is "enabling" from his co-conspirators in abject ignorance and filth, "The National Pest."

That guy said...


Alison said...

Facebook support group for Abdelrazik from a member of a British academic association who left me a note at Creekside last night:
"See the facebook group I have set up to support Abousifian - Facebook
I am asking everyone to send him a token donation to get a ticket home and to protest the Canadian government’s stand that anyone who supports him is a supporter of terrorism."

Some Guy said...

I'm trying to figure out how a logical and sane person could in some way get a racial connotation from this guy's post.

Oh, wait... a logical and sane person couldn't.

Scruffy Dan said...

The worst part is that he is completely oblivious to the consequences of what he proposes. Citizens NEED to retain the ability to challenge the government in a court of law... especially when an inquiry has found evidence of wrongdoing.

Cameron Campbell said...

Justin, there is this thing called"history" and another called "precedence". Now run along and make up some more math that you don't understand.