Monday, February 16, 2009

Oh, dear Lord ...

In terms of badness, if you don't understand the term "exponential," go look it up.


Luna said...

Reminds me of a douchebag I used to know who pronounced it "expidential" and thought it meant "quick".

Beijing York said...

This passage is brilliant:

If he subscribes to any logic deeper than “Look at all the money I have! I must be awesome!” it would be shocking. But any other professor (regardless of field) with a tiny shred of dignity would take a look at himself engaged in a roundtable with an unemployed plumber and a psychotic skeleton and do the only honorable thing: stand up, bow to the audience of bedwetters and abortion clinic bombers, and commit seppuku with a Cato Institute letter opener, withdrawing it at the last moment to spray the webcam with his entrails.

w/v= aststry