Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Yeah, that seems prudent.

Sure, it seems like an over-reaction:

Senate employees are being advised to stay home tomorrow. Meetings have been cancelled. All parking privileges on or near Parliament Hill have been revoked for the day. Some streets are being blocked off; manhole covers have been bolted down; bullet proof screens have been erected; and rumour has it that everything down to the garbage bins and coat racks on the Hill have been checked out by secret service guys wearing dark sunglasses looking for possible (if improbable) security risks.

On the other hand, people claim to have spotted Kathy Shaidle in town and, well, she's armed and she doesn't much like black people. No sense taking any chances.


KEvron said...

war measures act again?


Boris said...

Naw, just presidential footprint.

liberal supporter said...

I don't think the five footed one could be a threat, if her cover has been bolted down. Usually they weld the covers too.

sooey said...

Is he gone yet?