Friday, February 13, 2009

Reformatory profiles in courage.

With Pierre "Squealer" Poilievre leading Big Daddy’s mouthbreathing, in-and-out, security-breaching charge, of course. From today's Grope and Flail:

Tories maintain Cadman tape was doctored
The Conservatives are repeating allegations that a B.C. journalist doctored a tape of Stephen Harper talking about the Cadman affair – but only in places where they are protected from lawsuits.

MP Pierre Poilievre, the parliamentary secretary to the Prime Minister, slipped out of the Commons by the back door Friday morning rather than take up the NDP's challenge that he repeat the claims outside the chamber. MPs cannot be sued for what they say in the Commons, but outside the door of the House, they have no special protection.
In the Commons today, New Democrat MP Joe Comartin pressed the government to provide evidence that the tape was doctored, or apologize to Mr. Zytaruk for smearing his reputation.

“We need not provide that evidence because it was already provided in court. It is proven that the tape was doctored, but happily the issue is resolved now,” Mr. Poilievre replied.

An angry Mr. Comartin demanded that Mr. Polievre repeat the statement outside “so Mr. Zytaruk can sue him for maligning his reputation.”

Instead, Mr. Poilievre slipped out a back door and avoided reporters waiting to speak to him.

Leadership! Accountability! Stand by what I said? Are you fucking nuts?


Ti-Guy said...

"Tories maintain Cadman tape was doctored."

That headline was changed from earlier today, when it read "Cadman tape was doctored."

You know, we're going to have to regulate how news agencies update their online content if they don't start being more ethical about it.

thwap said...

Such a mature party, the CPC.

sooey said...

Nevermind the author, what about apologizing to God. I mean, what kind of Christians are these New Conservatives?

Mike said...

This is SOP for Pierre. Lie and then slink away like coward when called on it. He's a smarmy smear merchant.

CC said...

"MPs cannot be sued for what they say in the Commons, ..."

Can they be charged for assault for what they do in the Commons? As in, what if someone in the Opposition walked across the floor and punched Pierre in the mouth? Is that also protected by the sanctity of the House of Commons? Can we find out?

Anonymous said...

Such a mature party, the CPC.
One would expect that the Liberals would be pursuing this. Instead it's the NDP.
Like I've said, there seems to be little difference between the Liberals and the Conservatives lately and that seems to extend to their respective bloggers with few exceptions....

LuLu said...

Can they be charged for assault for what they do in the Commons?

Short answer, unfortunately, is "yes" -- parliamentary privilege applies only to words, not deeds.

Alison said...

The 214 comments under the G&M article are not accessable. Why is that?

Hey LuLu, CC, how about setting up a fund for Zytaruk to sue the fuckers and we could all link to you..