Monday, February 16, 2009

No one loves their job as much as I do.

As my online support group, I just thought you all needed to know that.


Sheena said...

Yeah, we got it the first time. You're not the only one at a desk on a fake holiday.

wv = "synth" - the ability to come up with fake sympathy upon demand.

mikmik said...

not 'synthathy'?

Anyway, I'm not up to speed on the wv thing so I am not sure how it works zactly. (hillbilly term for precise?)

Romantic Heretic said...

What is this 'holiday' thing you speak of?

Frank Frink said...

Ain't no February holiday here in British Columbia. There isn't one in March either.

I dunno... call me crazy, but ever consider that a career change might be in order here?

wv = "xecur". I xecur vit ze diagnosis, docter.

Dr.Dawg said...

I take it your boss saw your earlier post? :)

wv= "lesibee." A Beatle song attracted to other Beatle songs?

mikmik said...

wv = deskinashun Where you are headed to work.