Friday, February 20, 2009

It's called "history," Damian -- get used to it.

After poking fun at the Huffington Post for getting suckered by a bogus news item, Blogging Tory Damian Penny has to admit that the Huff Po actually admitted its error and apologized, but man, it's tacky that some commenters actually think that that kind of story isn't all that hard to swallow.

That's a good point, Damian. After all, if someone were to tell me that, say, a high-level Republican sent out a Christmas CD containing a song entitled "Barack, The Magic Negro," well, come on, you'd have to be a total retard to even consider taking that seriously, right? Right?


Some free advice, Damian: You should re-consider this thing about trying to be a serious blogger. It's just not working out well.

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mikmik said...

wv = "sikofant" def: One who's psycotic and childish character is led by talking points and rubbish