Sunday, February 22, 2009

Word Of The Day!

At least the game isn't manufactured by Whammo!

Tip of the hat to the evil gnomes at Boing & Boing Inc.


Frank Frink said...

It's Irwin! It's Fun! No, wait it isn't.

btw - Isn't K-W home to the Board Game Museum?

"wv" = 'slizess'. I'm soooo playing that for triple-word score.

Lindsay Stewart said...

the university of waterloo has a game museum but it really isn't much. it also tends to be more directed at the theory of games than a collection of them.

CC said...

RETARD: A member of Stephen Taylor's Blogging Tories.


Jennifer Smith said...

And today's word is...

SHIV: a knife


Actually, I think Red has the Word of the Day: FUCKTASTROPHE.