Sunday, February 15, 2009


Who knew you could actually be too crazy for the average Blogging Tory?

P.S. Stephen Taylor. Proud, proud, proud. Lather, rinse, repeat.

P.P.S. Happy now?


pogge said...

Aside from being a whacko, he's also a plagiarist.

CC said...

Commenter "crazymamma" is already calling him on that:

"Eve I will ask you again.

did you write this or is it attributable to someone else and if so WHO?

Now we'll see if "eveable" comes clean.

Anonymous said...

Where do I find this alternate reality where DDT was outright banned?

Southern Quebec said...

At the same place where this guy Bidinotto is taking credit for changing the outcome of the 1988 election in the USofA. He brags *hahaha* about being on the Rush Limbaugh Show and Rivera Live. What a guy!

Sheena said...

Ummm.. you're welcome.

Red Tory said...

Deranged: Check.
Plagiarist: Check.
Illiterate: Check.
Dishonest: Check.
Hateful Loon: Check.

Not hard to see how he got in the clubhouse. Sounds like Bloggin' Tory material to me!

sooey said...

Funny how often raving lunatics on one side go on about "fringe extremists" on the other.

thwap said...

His BT critics were just angry that he put his death threat in the title instead of buried in the middle.

CC said...

I notice that, as of 5:30 this morning, the plagiarist still hasn't owned up to his plagiarism. Perhaps "LogicallySpeaking" can point this out over there?