Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Somebody call the Waaaaahmbulance!

If it's a day that ends in "y," somewhere a Blogging Tory is whining:

One of the more classless things emerging from the O-bot White House, is the proclivity of the new administration to target those who vex them.

Hmmmm ... you mean like this?

Go back to your bottle, Paul -- you're more tolerable when you're drunk.


The Seer said...

At least Obama hasn't Cadmanized anyone yet.

sooey said...

Hm... Cadman WAS dying... uh... already... riiight...?

Ti-Guy said...

At least Obama hasn't Cadmanized anyone yet.

Yes, that's right.

*rolls eyes*

Anyhoo, it's refreshing to be reminded of how blatantly Harper lied in the past. At the time, the media was rather tentative about that issue. Andrew Coyne wrote some stupid blog at Maclean's exhorting us all to accommodate ourselves to the reality of lying politicians.

I remember this press conference vividly; fatass kept repeating the line that journalists were being prevented from asking questions, which was not even a fucking answer to Malewski's question.