Sunday, February 15, 2009

Your Freudian slip is showing.

Dear dr. roy and Papa Junker:

How’s that unfortunate, leg-humping man crush on Ann "The Hag that Walks like a Woman" Coulter working out for you two lonely hearts?

Oh. Dear.

Forget I asked ... no, really.

Yours in ever-increasing hilarity,

P.S. Stephen Taylor must be just beyond proud.


CC said...

Dear LuLu:

You have, sadly, violated two of the fundamental bylaws here at CC HQ when slagging members of the Blogging Tories:

1) You neglected to identify them as Blogging Tories, and

2) You failed to end your post with, "Stephen Taylor must be so proud."

I trust this will not happen again.

LuLu said...

Dear CC:

Happy now?

CC said...

If I was any happier, I'd need a book. (Bonus reader points to anyone who recognizes that cultural reference.)

Dr.Dawg said...

Hell's Kitchen?

Sheena said...

Or a postage stamp.

mikmik said...

arggh, I just saw or read that. Murder, She Wrote?

liberal supporter said...

If I was any happier, I'd need a book
I can't claim the points because I googled, but if you google that page, you get two hits. This comment thread, and someplace called ""!! Sadly, appears to be too lucid to be operated by our PR.

liberal supporter said...

arrrgh "google that page" should be "google that phrase, in quotes"...