Wednesday, February 25, 2009

And then there's reality ...

There's Blogging Tory and loyal, right-wing talking point poodle Jonathan Strong:

Bravo Bobby

I'm a big fan of Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana, and he proved why he's been so successful at such a young age tonight. He outlined why the Democrats' stimulus bill is garbage and a giant waste of tax payer money that will do little if anything to help the economy recover. He outlined why the major mistakes Republicans have made over the past 8 years in regards to deficits and joining in with earmarks and bureaucratic enlargement.

Jindal nailed it when he said the strength of America stems not from government but from its people.

Jindal will likely be a major player in the GOP for years to come. It's amazing to think that kid from Indian immigrants has risen to be a conservative governor in a state like Louisiana with a history of corruption, racism, and bigotry. God bless America.

Then there's that fucking "liberal" media:

Fox News vs. Jindal

From Fox News’ all-star panel after Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal wrapped up:

BRIT HUME: It read better than it sounded… this was not Bobby Jindal’s greatest rhetorical moment.

NINA EASTON: The delivery was not terrific.

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Jindal didn’t have a chance.


Brutal. No one seems to think Jindal performed well.

Well, almost no one. I blame the man-crush.

, Think Progress opines on the subject at hand. By way of rebuttal, Jonathan describes everyone at Think Progress as "a bunch of leftard poopyheads."


Did anyone else hear, "Hi, kids ... will you be my neighbour?"

HIT HIM AGAIN ... he's still moving.




Red Tory said...

I posted a video of David Brooks completely slagging the speech, calling Jindal's position "insane" and describing it as the "worst response... in the history of democracy."

Last time I checked, he wasn't a "leftard"... By the way, I thought Bloggin' Tories were against name-calling. Don't they say that's a sign of not having a legitimate argument, etc.

CC said...

Um ... I was funnin', RT. I call it "creative license."

ThinkingManNeil said...

As a planetary geology geek the thing that caught my ear in his mendacious commentary was is out-of-hand dismissal of the need of funding for volcano monitoring. Easy to say when your living in Louisiana, but tell that to the folks around Mt.'s St. Helen's, Rainier, Baker in Washington state and Redoubt in Alaska, as well as those near Mammoth Lakes in California, Yellowstone in Wyoming, and the Mauna Loa/Ma'una Kea/Kilauea complex in Hawaii, which, despite their relatively gentle, effusive activity, have shown in the past that they are more than capable of violent, potentially devastating eruptions.

I suppose if he could have his way, he'd also do away with that pesky, expensive, National Weather service and just let folks fend for themselves and rely on the invisible cosmic sky daddy during the next Force 5 hurricane since that seems to be the GOP's unshakable, monolithic mantra

Bobby Jindal is a homophobic, misogynistic, anti-choice, anti-progressive, anti-science, fundie RC wackaloon who's dedicated to an uber-right wing theocracy like so many in the Republican party these days.


Zorpheous said...

I saw Booby Jingle's responce last night and it was like listening to an art teacher try to explain Newtons Laws of motion.

I have seen better performances from highschool actors, the guy was a pathetic buffoon.

We want Sarah Palin

Drill Baby Drill

Scruffy Dan said...

@ ThinkingManNeil

What the hell was he thinking? Volcano monitoring is money well spent.

Just goes to show that Republicans got their anti-science stereotype for a reason.

Unknown said...

What the hell does Jonathan Strong know about America? Obviously he didn't realize that the many of us in the American public knew that something along this line was bound to happen and felt that Obama was the best person to institute the stimulus bill. Hell, wasn't McCain suggesting that a stimulus bill was needed as well?

Frank Frink said...

Did anyone else hear, "Hi, kids ... will you be my neighbour?"

Yep, the staff writers at The Daily Show.