Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Keep it inside, for the sake of the children.

Dear Ezra: Can you and Mark Steyn just get a room somewhere?


Ti-Guy said...

From Ezra's link to The Star about Mark Stain:

"I believe in the abolition of the commission, because I believe the commission is nothing but ideological activists," he told the committee, which is holding hearings to review the practices of a slew of provincial panels.

"I have no objection to that. I've been accused of that myself. But I do it on my own dime and I don't see why 'commissar' Hall and her colleagues shouldn't also do it on their own dime."

This welfare wingnut truly believes he acts on his own dime?

Unknown said...

Yeah, Ezra, as if you and Steyn wouldn't abuse the HRCs to bully any critics of right-wing Christian theocracy.

Assuming you could find enough brain cells rattling around in your empty head to do so.

Oh wait...

wv="ingey" Ezra and Steyn are ingey for each other.