Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Morning After The Blight Before

Well. Who'd a thunk it? My riding turfed out the seemingly safe Karen Redman for the fetus fetishist Con jobber. Some folk are shocked, shocked I tell you that the always pleasant and innocuous Redman lost what should have been a guaranteed seat. Me, I voted for an independent candidate. Why? Oh why did I not swallow my gorge and vote "strategically" for Redman? Because I value a candidate who shows up, who stumps in the riding who responds to fucking letters and emails. There was pretty much no discernible effort made on Redman's part to actually run a campaign in my neighbourhood. Over the last few years I have had occasion to contact her office on several issues. I have received precisely no response from her or her office. Nada. Zero. Zilch. I received not a flyer, not a call, not a visit from the candidate or her team. The Con, as ugly as his views are, sent out literature, left messages on my phone and a door knocker sorry I missed you thingy on my door. He ran a campaign.

Am I happy that my riding elected a fetus fetishist idiot Con? Nope. Am I sorry that Karen Redman lost her cushy job? Nope.

Here's the deal Canadian politicians, you are all on notice. Fat Steve you and your gang do not have the confidence of Canadians. After two solid years of negative ads, belittling Dion, you could not win a majority. Why? Because we do not trust you with one. And let the sky bully save you if you think you can pull another snap election out of your ass. The record low turn out last night speaks to the general sense of contempt that our politicians have come to deserve in the last few years. Stephane Dion and the Liberals, you made Jason Cherniak cry. I hope you're happy. Listen up you determined losers, Bob Rae and Iggy are
not, I repeat, not the future. They are oblivion. The Liberal task is now to remake the party from the bottom up. If you sad sack dinks ever hope to return to power you have to figure out how to run a campaign and deliver a leader with a team that Canadians see as a viable alternative to the Cons. You are a pack of passive goofs. Stephen Harper is the fat kid who pushed you around at recess.

Happy Jack Layton, go fuck off now. You picked up a few seats but for all of the polling and all of the hand me down Obamaisms, you still suck. Your big push to become Canada's official second place party failed. Time to drift into the oblivion you so richly deserve, perhaps a used car lot or a furniture store like ol' Mel Lastman. If the NDP wants to have a future shot, look deep into your hearts and put Charlie Angus at the front of the line. There's a guy who has the balls to square off with the Conservative pig people, who understands the issues of a changing social and technological dynamic. There is a guy who could actually move you up in the standings and give you a shot at power. So you'll ignore him and carry on sucking. No surprise there.

M Duceppe, thank you. You were the stop gap and the ethical voice this country needed in the campaign. Please extend the mandate of the Bloc to the rest of the country. I'd have voted for you in the blink of an eye had the option been there. The Bloc had the most appealing platform, the most stalwart leadership and a kick ass, original theme song. Congratulations to you and your team, the only party in this election to deserve congratulations.

Elizabeth May, whatever.


Unknown said...

Iggy should be the future of the Liberal Party. He is the best man you have, if you want to steal conservative votes.

EvilIncoherent said...

What on God's Green Earth would make you think that a conservative vote is worth stealing?

Hey, there's a thought, lets get the vote of the mouth breathers who support kneecapping our own industries like softwood lumber, and talking down our own provinces, like Flaherty. Let's see if we can grab the vote of those who prefer leaders to perjure themselves, condone bribing sitting MPs, and distribute books on how to make our government not work. And we definitely want the vote of those who champion the cause of Mark Steyn to lay the blame of the world's problems at the feet of the darkies while ignoring local schools banning authors because of who they like to screw in the privacy of their own homes.

Námo Mandos said...

A conservative vote, these days, comes from people who don't notice that the crazies are muzzled, and think that the Cons represent stability than all those other things you mention.

The Liberals, the strategists more than Dion, wear their own defeat. As I said, there are voting segments for whom the contest is between the NDP and the Cons, because the Liberals are so uninspiring.

theo said...

"because the Liberals are so uninspiring."
Nope, they're all boring. I just fired this comment off to

37 Seats. Catherine Bell lost I see. The Greens and Libs don't believe in strategic voting I guess. Or the NDP for that matter. I see Julian West got 3667 votes even though he was off the ticket in Saanich-Gulf Islands. Way to pay attention folks! 58 percent voter turnout. I wonder why that is. I can guess many reasons. One would be: my vote doesn't count. Was electoral reform front and center on the NDP platform? Nope. Bet you could've gotten a few more people out and voting NDP if you had. Nah, family, jobs, healthcare, the old traditional standbys will get you by and 18.2 percent of the popular vote. Hmm, that won't get you even Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition status. So was this a successful campaign Jack? How soon before we have another election? It will take you, the Bloc and the Libs to cooperate to prevent Harper doing exactly what he did the last two years. I don't think the Libs will be up for it for awhile. Harper is going to continue gutting the country I love.

Forty-two percent of the electorate don't vote. Instead of the old traditional standbys that you run on, maybe, just maybe you should consider putting out a platform that will energize that vast untapped voter resource. Hell, 42 percent could get you the PM's job. I want a leader that can dream. I want a leader that can fight. I want a leader that can put aside partisan difference to achieve a noble goal. I want an NDP that will run on truly progressive ideas - so progressive that the 42 percent of the electorate that did not vote will decide to. So progressive the other parties will be forced to adopt your platform out of pant-pissing fear that the NDP might get a majority. Dare to dream NDP. Your current platform while good, is just that. Great will energize the electorate. Good doesn't get the job done.

Beijing York said...

Duceppe saved the day by actually having a platform and attacking Harper on specific issues and past performance. And yes, that was a kick ass song PSA. Note to other politicians, if you truly value artists, you commission talent to create your campaign song rather than steal some old nugget that has lyrics that seem to appeal. Bravo Gilles for being the best spoken, most direct and effective politician in this pathetic campaign.

Liberals and NDP should smack themselves silly for accepting Harper's framing of this US inspired election campaign. It seems that there was little on the ground campaigning by individual candidates by and large. There was little effort to get the vote out in too many ridings. Everyone was campaigning on the Leadership meme.

Harper is truly a prick and most Canadians know it. Even with all his party's deep pockets, his pre-election campaigning on tax payers' dime, hiring demographic targeting experts, adopting Rovian tactics, etc and still he can't get more than a 1.36% rise.

sooey said...

I think Canadians of all political stripes should insist the New Conservatives deliver on every single one of their promises.

Marie Ève said...

beijing york said..."Harper is truly a prick ... and still he can't get more than a 1.36% rise."

That's what you get for buying your no-name Viagra off the internet, Stephen.

Rev.Paperboy said...

Duceppe is a separatist and I used to hate separatists, but at this point I want Quebec to separate from Canada.

And then I'll move to Shawinigan. We can annex Ontario, the maritimes and BC later.

Vivre le Quebec libre!

Duceppe for PM!