Friday, December 01, 2006

You keep using that word "funny" ...

Remember, I did give you fair warning. So brace yourself.

And if you made it through that without going into convulsions or clawing out your eyes with an ice pick, well, here's your reward:


Anonymous said...

Isn't "The America Show" astonishing? It's like they did a thorough analysis of every aspect of enterntainment...casting, sets, scripts, direction, pacing, lighting, hair, wardrobe, make-up, etc. and systematically determined how to make each of these elements suck beyond all imagination. I could not think of one redeeming thing about it. The awful anti-humour is only a small part in a universe of suck.

I mean...let's start with voice training! Have these people ever heard themselves talk? Especially that dippy blonde one. *shudder*

Someone should find out what was on offer on the craft service table. Judging from the characters' florid and glossy complexions, I'm guessing Vodka. And lots of it.

Anonymous said...

God, I love Izzard.

Saw him live, he was amazing. Then I met him as well. Great guy.

Zorpheous said...

CC, You fucking bastard! I watch that shit and broke my fucking funny bone. I'm off to the ER and I only hope they will be able to fix it. Next time post a bigger warning.

Dennis Miller if rightwing, but he is funny. Those three twits are only funny in that very sad sort of pathetic way,... you know,... you watch it just to see how bad it really is sort of funny and the laugher is all at their expense. Sad and pathetic is being polite.

PS, the only way John Stawart would lose sleep over this is laughing himself to death while saying "Are they serious?,... No seriously, is Fox actually this stupid?" Well I guess after trying to the OJ interview and getting soundly kicked in the nutz for it, this showmust look like a real winner.