Wednesday, December 20, 2006

So ... your opinion is WHAT exactly?

Dark Blue Tory weighs in on the Rona Ambrose ... um ... "restructuring":

Insiders say Environment Minister Rona Ambrose will be shunted out of her portfolio sometime in the not so distant future.

And DBT is more than happy to tell you what he thinks of all this:

Of course, there will be heavy criticism from the opposition as though this is an admission of failure, ...

Of course, since the opposition are just a bunch of snivelling, whining sore losers who will take every opportunity to attack a competent, professional, accomplished cabinet minister.

... but I must confess, with Stephane Dion at the helm, the Tory government needs a prominent figure managing that portfolio.

Although, on the other hand, she really is a lightweight, so the opposition has a point.

So, I ask the question: is this the right move?

So, yes, give them credit, perhaps the opps are right after all.

Or should Ambrose simply be tuned?

No, wait, I take it back.

I think she has done an impeccable job thus far, ...

Yes, damn it, I'm going to take a stand here, she's done a stellar job up to now.

... but a shuffle is needed to sell their plans completely.

But, what the hell, let's kick her sorry ass out, it's for the good of the party.

Tune in tomorrow when DBT explains why the Kyoto Protocol is a bad thing. Or maybe a good thing. Or perhaps both. Or neither.


David Webb said...

So there should be a flood of ditto-heads saying "Me too"? That is what makes a good blog? Perhaps you have forgotten the lesson taught to Saint Thomas Moore, that silence expresses acceptance. Of course, that didn't go too well for him.

Good work provoking a discussion so far. Dude.

¢rÄbG®äŠŠ said...

DBT, I told you just what David is pointing out above as recently as December 3. How can you forget so quickly?

Anyway, why doesn't Harper just eliminate that portfolio? Market forces ought to restore any species that are wiped out.