Thursday, December 28, 2006

It's called "research," BB. You should try it some time.

First, we have the Blogging Tories' Backseat Blogger, happily sucking back the latest wanker atrocity coming down the pike. All right, then, let's mosey on over to PowerTools and check this out, shall we?

On his visit to Iraq, Senator Kerry apparently got something like the silent treatment from the troops who are "stuck" there. WDAY's Scott Hennen quotes a message from a friend serving in Iraq:

Hennen ... Hennen ... oh ... that Scott Hennen. We now return you to your regular Blogging Tory obedient stenography.

SOME CONTEMPLATIVE AFTERSNARK: It's moderately amusing to watch the wankersphere stroke themselves blind over this latest (alleged) snub of Kerry by the troops. Recall, if you will, the words by Kerry that got this all started:

"Education, you know, if you make the most of it, you study hard, you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you don't, you get stuck in Iraq."

As has been explained countless times since then, and acknowledged by even prominent Republicans, Kerry was not taking a shot at the intelligence at U.S. troops in Iraq; rather, he was clearly taking a whack at Commander Codpiece, and simply pooched the words and the joke.

That this is what happened is no longer even a point of debate. Members of the wankersphere who keep pushing this story have simply chosen (and I use the word "chosen" very deliberately) to mis-interpret what happened. But this latest bit of idiocy takes the silliness of Canada's wankersphere to new lows.

Appreciate, if you will, that what you have here is an entire population of wanks, high-fiving each other over an alleged snub of John Kerry by U.S. troops, allegedly in retaliation for an insult that was, from the very beginning, clearly a piece of total fiction. In short, said wanks are now congratulating one another over something that never happened which, according to them, is just what John Kerry deserves for something he never did.

The logical disconnect from reality here would be howlingly funny, if it weren't so sadly predictable.


Anonymous said...

I recently discovered (by reading more of his whole blog) that BB isn't as young as I thought he was (I thought he was a teenager).

It doesn't seem as funny anymore (that's not a judgment on you blogging about him; just an expression of despair over the fact that so many adults seem so...juvenile).

Anonymous said...

Why would you research something when you know that the facts won't support your position?
Instead, try to get the burden of proof foisted upon the guy who is challenging you on your "facts."

Come on CC, didn't you read that article on the Rapture Right's (lack of) brain functions?