Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hang on ... just gimme a "dead soldier" or two.

Apparently, "The Decider" has decided that he's not ready to do any new decidin' just yet:

The White House said Tuesday that President Bush would delay presenting any new strategy for Iraq until early next year, as officials suggested that Mr. Bush’s advisers were locked in internal debates on several fronts about how to proceed.

which brings us to my latest utterly tasteless addition to the lexicon. (You haven't forgotten "Premature eJankulator" already, have you?)

While a period of six months has now been officially enshrined as a "Friedman unit," sometimes things happen more quickly and measuring in terms of Friedman units isn't appropriate.

Therefore, given that the daily casualty rate for U.S. troops is somewhere around three a day, we can now refer to a 24-hour period as "three dead soldiers." Which means that Commander Codpiece isn't quite ready to make any big decisions for another, oh, 50 dead soldiers or so. Maybe more, depending on how things go between now and then.

No, no, don't thank me. The joy of debasing the public discourse is what I live for.

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Anonymous said...

The reasons I try to read the Canadian, British & Irish press are that I share their language and it's always easier to see what's wrong with someone else's country. The "three dead soldiers" measurement brings a level of clarity to this business that we Americans cannot bring to our own issues.