Monday, December 04, 2006

For lack of a nail, a kingdom was lost.


It seemed a harmless gesture to reward the lowliest candidate for a gallant campaign...

Of all the sweaty palmed shakedowns, the not-so-secret pacts and the unseemly convention floor shoving matches, the most pivotal turned out to be a whimsical decision late Friday by a half dozen or so of Gerard Kennedy's ex-officio delegates to loan their support to last-place contender Martha Hall Findlay on the first ballot.

They felt confident Kennedy could spare a few votes and hoped they might be able to boost the lone female contender ahead of seventh-place Joe Volpe.

But those few votes made all the difference. Kennedy wound up slipping into fourth, just two votes behind Dion.

We'll never know, will we?


Luna said...

Oh please. Like they'd vote for someone else just to bolster her. That's a load. The Liberals aren't exactly known for their compassionate politics. No one is. Politics is cutthroat, and if they actually voted for someone other than their own candidate, they're bigger bloody idiots than anyone can imagine.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I strongly doubt this as well, and I don't see a single attributed source in the entire column.