Monday, December 04, 2006

For lack of a nail, a kingdom was lost.


It seemed a harmless gesture to reward the lowliest candidate for a gallant campaign...

Of all the sweaty palmed shakedowns, the not-so-secret pacts and the unseemly convention floor shoving matches, the most pivotal turned out to be a whimsical decision late Friday by a half dozen or so of Gerard Kennedy's ex-officio delegates to loan their support to last-place contender Martha Hall Findlay on the first ballot.

They felt confident Kennedy could spare a few votes and hoped they might be able to boost the lone female contender ahead of seventh-place Joe Volpe.

But those few votes made all the difference. Kennedy wound up slipping into fourth, just two votes behind Dion.

We'll never know, will we?

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I strongly doubt this as well, and I don't see a single attributed source in the entire column.