Saturday, December 02, 2006

Is THAT the best you can do for a role model?

I typically don't think much of Adam Daifallah but I'm still a bit unnerved that he apparently really admires right-wing loon David Horowitz. Why the sudden Horowitz admiration, Adam? Was Fred Phelps unavailable or what?

In any event, I could systematically disembowel Horowitz but, seriously, what's the point? It's been done, so why waste the bandwidth?

P.S. Apparently, the new catch phrase these days is "crypto-religious." Yeah ... now that I think about, that's the right intellectual level.

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Anonymous said...

Jesus, I can smell Daffy Dumbdaifallah's stink of desperation from here. Why on Earth would he feel it necessary to express admiration for the most egregious, insane liar in American public discourse at present? What possible benefit would there be to this?

C'mon, Daffy. Pull yourself together. It's becoming embarrassing.