Saturday, December 23, 2006

Blogging Tories brain farts, Dec. 23, 2006.

Enumerate the dumbassitude.

  • Halls of Macadamia gives a big "We're Number One!" shout out over those cowardly Islamojihadafarians, in the same way that someone named Bert in Section Z17 celebrates the victory of his favourite team by waving a huge foam "We rock!" hand and screaming "We're number one!" That's right, Bert, and they couldn't have done it without you.

  • Over at True North, Jason seems determined that Canada's neo-cons be the ones to define Stephane Dion's image. Good idea, Jason, although I'd probably avoid trying to portray him as a petulant, childish whiner who's too arrogant to have a mature dialogue with the very people he's supposed to represent. I think that image has been taken.

  • Backseat Blogger can't understand what all the fuss is about, claiming that he had no idea the phrase "spear-chucker" had a racist history. Tune in tomorrow when BB uses the phrase "jungle bunny," then can't figure out why he's getting some seriously dirty looks.

  • And let's give the last word to Adam Daifallah who, while having nothing of any value to say, still manages to indulge in his inevitable right-wing, puppy love hero worship, praising Time for its moronic choice of "Person of the Year" and managing to squeeze the phrases "remarkable" and "Stephen Harper" into the same sentence.

    Somehow, the word "vacuous" just doesn't do Adam justice, does it?


catnip said...

Wow. Those Halls of Madness...err Macademia are rife with allegiance to Canada's version of Commander Codpiece.

Steve's SO manly...what a warrior...

Anonymous said...

When it comes to Daffy Dumbdaifalah, every sentence is a scream:

I was hoping to have something more interesting to put up here tonight, but unfortunately it didn't work out.

I was hoping, too, Daff. In fact, I say "Hopes springs eternal" under my breath every time I go to click on a link to your site.

...I'd write this at his blog, but Daffy never lets my comments through.


Anonymous said...

"brain farts"... calling people silly names is your big gun?

what exactly is it that you "consult" on... childrens birthday parties?

Anonymous said...

That Backseat Blogger post seems to have disappeared ...