Saturday, December 30, 2006

If it's Tuesday, I must be shocked and appalled.

Ah, the ideological opportunism of the Canadian wankersphere.

On the one hand, Chapters-Indigo CEO Heather Reisman is a biased, leftist hack using her position to marginalize right-wing literature in her bookstores.

On the other hand, of course, Reisman's "Jew-controlled" chain of bookstores are now the target of a tacky and appalling boycott, simply because of Reisman and her husband's financial support of members of the Israeli military, and the nerve of the those Jew-hating protestors, let me tell you.

It must be tough, being a member of Canada's wingnut community and knowing you might have to reconfigure your outrage on a moment's notice.


Anonymous said...

Off topic, but...

Here we see your standard compassionate conservatives demonstrating their (better than everyone else) christian values by circle-jerking over who gets to piss/shit on Saddam's grave first.

Looks a lot like rabid vultures sparring over a possum carcass.

Best part: self-important super-jesusboy Jason dropped the F bomb.


Anonymous said...

The link doesn't seem to work. Go to 'breaking news' then click on 'Saddam has been executed . . '

M@ said...

Don't forget, CC, about how Heather Reisman personally censored Mark Steyn's latest book by arranging for the publisher to run out of books. (Check out the comments to Janke's post to find out more about this appalling business.)

But then again, they're a business and they can do whatever they want!

Wait, no... they're... but they...

(sob) Thinking's hard!

Anonymous said...

Steve Janke isn't really a small-c conservative. He's more of a Scott Brison style pro-Israeli war crime progressive liberal who votes for the Conservative Party of Canada. He's from Toronto for goodness sake! In the same way that pro-life Elizabeth May does not represent all progressives, Steve Janke does not represent conservatives. In fact, you'd be surprised how many of us conservatives think he and his kind are retards!

Anonymous said...

While I'd love to believe that being from Toronto alone means you're automatically of the progressive persuasion, janky ol' Steve doesn't make the cut. Hell, he isn't even fit to lace up the boots for practice.