Thursday, December 14, 2006

Dear American bloggers: John McCain hates you.

Given that John McCain is almost certainly going to take another shot at the U.S. presidency in 2008, it's getting increasingly tiring to hear him perpetually described as a "moderate" rather than the right-wing, psychotic lunatic that he is.

His latest foray into WingNutLand is described here, wherein McCain wants to treat blogs like Internet Service Providers and be able to whack them with massive fines for posting illegal images or videos, even if such things are posted only in a comments section by anonymous commenters.

Whackjob. Not moderate. Whackjob. There's a difference.


Anonymous said...

There's no salvaging those who became incoherent in defending the Bush administration. They're done. Their time has passed. They should all just go away and live quiet lives doing good works to atone for their sins.

Anonymous said...

fines are a great idea.... and jail if necessary. the idiots posting such slander should be punished and since you have the ability to control what appears on your blog you are responsiblefor the content... not rocket science.

you as a blogger should be excited about the opportunity to clear such trash from your site and the internet in general. If you had any sense of pride in your own blog you might make an attempt to keep it from being a plece for criminal behavior. really... don't you want to protect your own space from such idiots??

this is not just a personal diary, it is a public space and as such you have a responsibility to the public. get it???