Thursday, December 07, 2006

There's the baby, then there's the bathwater ...

Fiscal responsibility, Blogging Tory-style:

This is Why Social Programs Need Cutting

If you want shocking stories of abuse of privilege by bureaucrats, the Ontario Auditor-General’s 2006 report is now available here at the official website.

True, it’s Ontario and not the federal government. But the rationale is pretty much the same: progressive critics always forget that spending more money on a social program does not guarantee that the program is successful. In fact, without checks or accountability measures, such programs will wind up being staffed by bureaucrats who can and will abuse their privileges.

The infamous report on the Children’s Aid societies? Available here in PDF format.

Tune in tomorrow when Phantom Observer suggests de-funding Childrens' Aid in its entirety. After all, it's just "advocacy." Jesus, those little fuckers suck up a lot of money, don't they?


Anonymous said...

I agree with phantom. No more public dollars for useless government programs.

...let's start with the military. Can the whole thing and buy a couple of nukes.

Anonymous said...

Certainly, using current CPoC logic, a couple of nukes would be a "far more efficient" way of delivering Canada's military opinion to those evil foreign powers that want control over our resources.