Sunday, December 03, 2006

Apparently, Liberals don't like faggots. Who knew?

A poster making fun of Stephen Harper and George W. Bush's man crushes for each other:

is, in the minds of some Blogging Tories (and I use the word "mind" in its loosest, most forgiving sense), proof that the Liberals just don't like teh homos.

I have to admit, I don't see the slight. Mind you, I don't have that "queer eye for the straight guy" thing going on here so maybe I'm missing something. Perhaps someone who is so inclined can weigh in and let us know if they consider that poster anti-gay, or just anti-Steve.

Uh ... "Stephen." He prefers to be called "Stephen."

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Anonymous said...

Typical - not only do they utterly miss the gallic sense of humour, but they also fail to understand that like any other group, GLBT citizens will engage in self-deprecation from time to time.

Besides...I don't think this is associated with a particular party - I believe it's a media spoof. (Based on a little bit I heard on As It Happens last week)